The Last Digital Message from the WVFC for a Long Time; Maybe Forever


Last Friday night at a regular club meeting during a regular "election", I lost my non-bid to continue on in this club as President, Treasurer, Field Chair (Dig Coordinator), Safety Chair, Education (Program) Chair, Web Site Chair, Social Media Chair, Christmas Party Chair, de facto Newsletter Chair, de facto Everything Else Chair, and general all-around whipping-girl for what is affectionately, in various flowery permutation, called "The Clique" in my circles.

What does this mean for you as a club member? Well, if you are part of The Clique, this means you can revert the club back to 1990 standards & expectations when you were in your prime and the club was run as a private social club for your own benefit exclusive of anyone not welcome in your circle (as it was when I first became president and, with the exception of any modernization I've done, as it still is, essentially). For everyone else, your mileage may vary.

You can probably expect the meeting place to move to the the senior center, as Sue Hurst, et. al. have been advocating these past few years and to which I dead-flat refused. The digs should remain the same with the exception that there may suddenly burst forth a whole slew of newly rediscovered sites that Sue Hurst totally forgot she knew about until now. As usual, there won't be anything worth attending the meetings and nothing to help you or your child learn about fossils in West Virginia unless they are planning to plagiarize other people's work, which may happen but is probably not worth the time or fuel as you can easily find better, more complete information online. Sometimes they like to bring in their fossil trophies, but there is never any guarantee on if or when and frankly, if you've gone to the effort of joining, save your gas and just attend the digs for one season - you'll experience everything this club has to offer & can take your time studying the specimens.

On a bright note, you won't be required to wear any type of safety gear on any dig unless you are in the active quarry that requires it for access. You can probably even use a household hammer on the rocks because your new president doesn't know it's a bad idea and didn't believe me when I said so. On an even brighter note, when attending a dig, be sure to tail the Hursts everywhere they go. They like to break off from the group and slip away to the best areas they know about from long experience and then come back to brag to everyone about all the fossils they found while you and your kids are left with junk. But you have to be quick on the mark! They take off a-truckin' right away, unlike the Gartons who are kind enough to help new people & families find good specimens.

This web site and all social media, digital content, digitization, and anything involving computers will be axed, per the Hursts, et .al. at the meeting after the election, including the newsletter in PDF form. Terri-Lynn & Noreene Smith are the only two left who advocated for the web site, but alas, like me, they are sorely outnumbered and, unlike me, they have absolutely no power or ability to do anything on their own. As such, digital content has been removed.

The newly volunteered, then appointed, secretary called & left me a message after the meeting to express her disappointment and to beg me to stay with the club so that I could continue to do all the work I was doing previously, even though Sue Hurst, et .al. find it a worthless waste of time and club resources. I've decided to post my response to her for your edification. You can find it here. Read it at your own peril.

I fully intend to extend to the new president & other officers the same level of cooperation, courtesy, and convenience shown to me when I became president. I am happy to volunteer the same amount of time and energy as I experienced in assisting the new club officers with the various digital media should they change their minds.

Results of the WVFC Election by a Non-Constitutional Floor Nomination

Your newly elected president by a non-constitutional floor nomination is Sue Hurst. Your new volunteers/appointees are Noreene Smith as secretary and Bill Hurst as treasurer. Steve McClelland is still vice president (in perpetuity, it seems).

Congratulation to all the new officers for winning/volunteering positions that were easily available for the taking for over 2 years!